3d design and animation is one of the best ways to highlight a website.
That's why I share with you this charming series that focuses on circus characters bringing magical and charming ideas to the project. These characters are charming as their characteristics are playful. The colors are a main element to highlight a cheerful atmosphere and the various details that accompany the project convey fun and movement.

The style of the project is based on "Kawaii. The features and intentions of each character are seen from a comic point of view. The illustrations are applied to a home page titled "Loveid" to exemplify the use of the illustrations.

The subtitle that stands out on the home page of the application is "Make new friends and learn a magic trick to find true love".In conclusion, with a touch of magic and charm, the best love formulas are created to develop these incredible projects.

Creative Direction: Roqueid
3D & Animation: Roqueid
Media: Print & Digital

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